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About Us

Our Story

Old Guard CNC was founded with the intent of helping small business get the parts and components they need to keep their business running and growing. We place a premium on developing a personal relationship to understand your unique challenges. When we understand your priorities, we can then use our design and build skills to strike the right balance cost, quality and timing. Our goal at Old Guard CNC is to be your go to partner to provide the right solution, “Just-in-Time” – “Just-for-You”.


We provide CNC services working with wood, plastics and soft metals to build the parts you need, when you need them. Our strength is in lean design and operations that focus on the outcome and not a specific tool or a process. Our commitment to understanding your “Why” and “What” is what sets us apart from the big shops or technology focused fabricators. Our flexibility allows us to strike the right balance of speed, accuracy and cost based upon your situation.

Our Vision

We see our company providing our customers an easy way to get what they need with minimal effort on their part.  Login, answer a few questions attach a picture or drawing and you get a quick and fair quote. Since we aren’t focused on a specific product, we want to become your go-to partner for you design and build needs.

Our Mission

To provide place for small businesses to get CNC jobs done so their business is not at the mercy of the large job shops and big vendors. Our value is not in what or how we produce, it’s in working with you to find the right balance of quality, time and cost.  We understand that good enough is perfect; anything beyond that is wasting your time and money.

Our Values

We believe that business transactions should be personal and live up to the same principles that guide our relationships with friends and family.  It’s not about a list of buzzwords or platitudes, we simply strive to conduct business in a way that we would be proud to have you tell our children about.